PlayStation 4 Uses AMD's hUMA Technology – Report

CPU and GPU memories are organized into a single, high-performance area by the tech

A brand new report concerning the PlayStation 4 has just appeared online, claiming that the next-gen console from Sony will use AMD's brand new hUMA technology, which will unite the memory areas of both the CPU and the GPU into a single virtual unit, thereby improving performance.

Sony says that the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful video game console ever made and, according to a report from VGleaks, much of this power is owed to AMD's new hUMA technology, which stands for Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access.

The new tech allows for the GPU and CPU memories to be united into a single virtual area from which both processors can draw data and computational results.

The whole report is quite technical, but it basically means that the PlayStation 4's internal components will be able to perform much faster in many different ways, from game performance, to game loading, and more.

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