PlayStation 4 Trophy Unlock Notification Uses Left Side of the Screen

The entire sequence is designed to be less intrusive

The PlayStation 4 is three weeks away from its launch date in the United States and the details about the hardware keep pouring in, with the most recent info linked to the Trophy notification for the new Sony console.

Gamers will notice that every time they reach a new milestone, the notification will appear in the left corner of the screen and will use a slide and fade effect, which will make it easier to notice without impeding the gameplay experience.

GearNuke has a comparison of the animation of the PlayStation 4 alongside that for the PS3.

Sony has already said that it will make Trophies more important on its next-gen device as it aims to create more social interaction between players, encouraging them to brag about their performance.

The PlayStation 4 will be out on November 15 in the United States and two weeks later in Europe, for 399 dollars or Euro.

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