PlayStation 4 Themed Apartment 4 Created by Sony France

The team will use it to promote the new home console

The France division of Sony is promoting the soon-to-be-launched PlayStation 4 gaming console by creating an entirely new living space, called Appartement 4, which is inspired by the sleek new design of the platform.

The video shows some of the more interesting features of the apartment and also serves as a pretty cool commercial for the device.

The PlayStation 4 will be available in France on November 29 of this year for 399 Euros.

Gamers in the United States will be able to get access to the console two weeks earlier for 399 dollars.

Sony says that the PlayStation 4 is designed to be an entirely new way of enjoying video games and other content, with improved hardware and a set of new features that allow any player to quickly share information with their friends.

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