PlayStation 4 System Update 1.50 Already Available on Download Servers

Gamers can get it in order to be ready on launch day

The 1.50 system update for the PlayStation 4 home console has already been uploaded to download servers by the team at Sony.

The update file can be downloaded by all those interested and can be stored on a USB drive, which can be used to deliver the file to the PS4 once a gamer brings it home.

The exact process for updating from an external drive has not been detailed by Sony.

The company has confirmed that gamers will be able to download the update in the background while they play a game on the PlayStation 4.

The 1.50 system version is designed to introduce some of the most interesting features of the new platform, including Play & GO and content sharing.

The file seems to be the same regardless of where in the world players reside.

The PlayStation 4 will be out on November 15 in the US and two weeks later in the EU.

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