PlayStation 4 Shows Strong Momentum in Next-Gen Console Sales Chart

PS4 sold 3.4 million units, the Xbox One only 2.5 million, according to VGChartz

Last generation's total console sales were about even, both Sony's and Microsoft's consoles selling around 80 million units total, and the Nintendo Wii leading with 100 million total units sold.

This time around, it seems like Sony has some powerful momentum. Some analysts' projections continue to favor Sony, alleging a 30 percent advantage in number of consoles sold up until 2016.

VGChartz's global hardware sales chart puts the PlayStation 4 at 3.4 million units sold, while the Xbox One sales only managed to amount to 2.5 million units. The Nintendo U is at 5 million units, while the handheld console PS Vita sports a solid 7 million units sold.

The champion of this generation of consoles is the Nintendo 3DS though, with a considerable advantage, sitting at a comfortable 41.6 million units sold. Its predecessor was at the forefront of the previous generation, with a whopping 150 million units sold.

The Nintendo Wii U had a lead of close to 3.75 million units sold during its first year of release, and it seems that the both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are hot on its trail, and that is even before their launch in Japan, coming this February.

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