PlayStation 4 Rumors Grow As Sony Sends February 20 Reminders

The company plans to have a big reveal event in New York

Video game hardware maker Sony is sending out reminders for its upcoming February 20 event, which many believe will see the company officially reveal the PlayStation 4 gaming console, also known under the codename Orbis.

The company has sent out messages encouraging all those interested to sign up for quick updates via e-mail and to join a special hashtag on Twitter.

There are no more details offered by Sony and the mystery itself seems to point to a big reveal coming in a little more than two weeks.

A number of rumors about the PlayStation 4 have popped up over the last year, but the company has refused to deny any of them.

The new device is expected to include more raw computing power, a better integration of motion tracking and a newly designed digital distribution and streaming service.

Actual launch should arrive in late 2013.

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