PlayStation 4 Out in October 2013 and Costs 300 GBP (451 USD/352 EUR), Report Says

Sony's next-generation console is going to appear this fall, apparently

A brand new report has appeared concerning the PlayStation 4, as British tabloid The Sun believes that the next-generation console will be released in October of this year around the world and that it's going to have a price of 300 GBP (around 451 USD or 352 EUR).

The PlayStation 4 will be released at the end of the year, according to Sony, but the company isn't ready to commit to an actual date or to an actual price for its next console.

British tabloid The Sun has dug up a new report that claims the console will be released in October of 2013 worldwide.

What's more, the newspaper also believes that the console is going to be priced at £300 (around $451/€352).

No actual sources were given by the newspaper so it might just be pure speculation on behalf of the newspaper.

Sony is expected to share some more details about its PS4 in June at E3 2013.

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