PlayStation 4 Marketing Campaign Has "Greatness Awaits" Tagline – Report

The first details about a live action commercial have been leaked

A brand new report has appeared concerning the PlayStation 4, this time with a rumor about the next-generation console's marketing campaign, which apparently has the tagline "Greatness Awaits."

The PlayStation 4 was revealed earlier this year at a special event in February and Sony is getting ready to share even more details in the following months, before starting the inevitable marketing campaign for the next-gen device.

Now, it seems that the first details about Sony's promotional efforts for the PS4 have been leaked, as Siliconera reports that the whole marketing campaign has a tagline of "Greatness Awaits."

Descriptions of different live action commercials were also posted, starring a regular person who talks with gamers about their different abilities, while featuring nods to games like Bungie's Destiny or Killzone: Shadow Fall, who will both appear for the PlayStation 4.

As of yet, Sony hasn't commented on this report.

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