PlayStation 4 Is "Quiet as a Mouse and Powerful as a Lion," Indie Dev Says

The next-gen console is silent but quite impressive

Independent developer Ripstone Games has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 next-gen console is going to impress gamers with its low level of noise and high level of performance, saying that it's "as quiet as a mouse and as powerful as a lion."

The PlayStation 4 is going to be released next month in North America and Europe, so lots of new details are surfacing online both from Sony itself and from developers who've gotten hands-on time with the device.

According to Ripstone Games' Creative Director, Phil Gaskell, the next-gen console is quite impressive, comparing it to a mouse, in terms of noise level, and to a lion, in terms of performance, according to PSU.

He declined to offer any more details about the noise or power, but fans will be able to convince themselves of those things thanks to store displays that are going live around the world.

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