PlayStation 4 Is Social, Uses Real-World Friends

The console will learn from the player and automatically download games

Marc Cerny, lead system architect on the PlayStation 4, says that the PlayStation 4 is designed to be the most social gaming device on the market at the moment, with players no longer having to rely on virtual friends.

The new console will come complete with its own social network, which will encourage gamers to connect with real-world friends using their full names and identities.

Once two players are connected, they will be able to share a lot of content, on a variety of devices that include smartphones and the PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation 4 will also learn information about the player through use, which means that it will be able to adapt itself to the needs of the gamer.

Cerny believes that, in the future, the PlayStation 4 will be able to get enough data to actually download a game before a player knows that he wants to play it.

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