PlayStation 4 Is Not Backwards Compatible

Streaming might be used to solve the issue in the future

At the launch event for the PlayStation 4 held in New York, David Perry, the chief executive of Gaikai who is now part of the PlayStation Network team, confirmed that the next-gen console would not be backwards compatible.

This means that players with large catalogs of PlayStation 3 titles will not be able to play them on the new device and might even have to buy them again.

Perry did not offer details, but it seems that Sony is integrating the Gaikai streaming tech into the PlayStation Network in order to make all PlayStation titles ever launched available on a large number of devices, including phones and handhelds.

Perry states, “Our longterm goal is to make every PS4 game playable on PS Vita using local Wifi.”

Apparently, the rollout of the new technology will take place in stages, which might mean that PS3 fans might have some time to wait before their favorite titles arrive on the new console.

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