PlayStation 4 Is More Powerful than Xbox One, Says War Thunder Creator

Performance depends on technology used and game type

The development team at Gaijin Games working on War Thunder says that, from its own point of view, the PlayStation 4 from Sony is a more powerful gaming device than the Xbox One from Microsoft.

The studio tells Edge that “GPU, like 40 per cent more powerful. DDR5 is basically 50 per cent more powerful than DDR3, but the memory write is bigger on Xbox One so it depends on what you’re doing.”

Gaijin says that, in theory, it could create a version of War Thunder optimized for the PS4 that would have better overall graphics quality, but at the moment it is aiming for parity on next-gen consoles.

The performance of other titles and other development teams will depend on the details of their gameplay and the tech used in the development process.

The PlayStation 4 will be out on November 15 in North America and 14 days later in Europe, and the Xbox One is also expected during the same month.

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