PlayStation 4 Is Easier to Develop for than PS3, Says GRID 2 Developer

The team will not launch its game on the Sony console

Clive Moody, a senior executive producer working on GRID 2, states that it is generally easier to create video games for the newly announced PlayStation 4 than for the previous home console of the same brand.

He tells Edge that, “I think from the off with PS4 architecture it’s going to be easier to get results.”

He adds, “The last thing we want as developers is stuff in the way of producing and creating experiences so that’s a massive plus.”

Sony says that it has chosen a X86 architecture for the PlayStation 4 in order to make sure that it’s very easy to create games on it and port experiences that already exist on the PC, like Blizzard’s Diablo III.

Moody is also saying that Codemasters currently has no plans to launch GRID 2 on next-gen consoles.

The racing game is expected to arrive in May.

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