PlayStation 4 Hits North America and Japan in 2013, Europe in 2014, New Report Says

The new console includes support for an update PS Eye and a new controller

After Sony's practical confirmation that it's going to reveal the PlayStation 4 on February 20, new reports are coming in about the next-generation console, including one that mentions the device will be released on the market in North America and Japan in 2013, but will only hit Europe sometime in 2014.

While Sony has been adamant about the PlayStation 3's extremely long lifecycle, the Japanese company is now preparing to debut a successor, in the form of the oft-rumored PlayStation 4, on February 20 during a special meeting.

Now, Edge has posted a new report, saying that the PS4 will be released on the North American and European markets in late 2013 but, due to complexities in Europe, the console will arrive there in early 2014.

What's more, the website also claims that the PS4 will support an updated PlayStation Eye camera and that its controller will, in fact, boast a touchpad on its underside, alongside a Share button that can instantly transmit screenshots or even 15-minute videos online.

As of yet, Sony isn't commenting on such rumors.

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