PlayStation 4 Gets Side-by-Side Comparison Video with PlayStation 3

The next-gen console is much more compact than the original PS3

A brand new video comparing the PlayStation 4 and the original PlayStation 3 has appeared online, showing just how much more compact the next-gen console is as opposed to the very first PS3 design.

The PlayStation 4 impressed quite a few fans last month at E3 2013, when its official design was revealed to the world by Sony, alongside other info like a price or a loose release schedule.

Now, in order to see just how the PS4 stacks up against the original design of the PlayStation 3, a fresh video has appeared online, showing a side-by-side comparison of the two consoles.

As you can see, the PS4 is much more compact than the original PS3, while featuring a much easier to maneuver straight design, as opposed to the curves of its predecessor.

The PlayStation 4 is set to appear at the end of the year and you can expect more comparisons with current PS3 models to appear until then.

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