PlayStation 4 Games at E3 2013 Ran on the Console, Developers Confirm

The Witness and Infamous: Second Son devs confirm that their games ran on PS4s

After hearing that Xbox One games demoed at E3 2013 actually ran on PCs, a couple of PlayStation 4 game developers revealed that their titles were played using either regular PS4 consoles or dev kit editions.

E3 2013 allowed attendants to try out many upcoming games for all sorts of platforms, including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, photos have confirmed that Xbox One games actually ran on PCs running Windows 7 and featuring Nvidia graphics cards.

Now, The Witness developer Jonathan Blow revealed on Twitter that his game was demonstrated using an actual PS4 and that he worked hard, as did other PS4 game developers, so that their titles played smoothly on the console right before E3 2013.

Infamous: Second Son developer Sucker Punch also revealed that its demo ran on a PS4 dev kit at E3 2013.

This could be a another blow for Microsoft, as games not being capable of running on the Xbox One in June could lead to potential issues when running on the console in November, when it's released.

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