PlayStation 4 Fans Start Anti-DRM Campaign on Twitter After Xbox One Rumors

Gamers don't want an anti-used gaming system on the PS4

After hearing about the complex digital rights management (DRM) system employed by Microsoft with its Xbox One console, gamers have started an anti-DRM campaign on Twitter targeted at Sony.

Through it, they ask executives to prevent such a method from being used on the PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One will require a complex process so that game owners can trade in their copies and buy other pre-owned (used) titles for the console.

After this huge debate, a rumor appeared stating that Sony is also considering such a thing for its PlayStation 4.

As a result, gamers have started a campaign on Twitter targeted at some of the Sony executives present on the social network.

Under the #PS4noDRM and #PS4UsedGames hashtags, gamers are expressing their feelings about the DRM methods announced by Microsoft and are also asking Sony to not follow in the footsteps of its rival.

As of yet, Sony executives haven't talked about the campaign.

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