PlayStation 4 Design Is Fantastic, Sony Believes

The company chose to keep its design a secret at the February conference

Sony Worldwide Studios Vice President, Michael Denny, is very confident in the upcoming PlayStation 4 and believes that its design, which has already been finalized inside the company, is fantastic and will certainly amaze lots of fans.

Sony chose to confirm the PlayStation 4 during a special conference in February but didn't actually reveal the console, instead focusing on its features, games, and accessories like the DualShock 4.

According to Sony's Michael Denny, not showing the console was a conscious decision because the company wanted fans to focus on what the next-generation device can do, not on what it looks like.

Even so, Denny assured fans via an interview with Edge that the design has been finalized and that it's going to be fantastic.

As of yet, however, he can't say for sure just when the PlayStation 4 will be showcased to the world, as it could happen at E3 2013 in June or even a bit earlier, depending on when Microsoft chooses to showcase its own Xbox 720 next-gen console.

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