PlayStation 4 Delivers Emotion, Adventure, Creativity via Indie Games

Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, Braid creator are involved

After revealing three core video games for the PlayStation 4 in its New York reveal ceremony, Sony is now focusing on more indie and community-based experiences from the developer of Braid, the Media Molecule studio and Quantic Dream.

Jonathan Blow says that his much-awaited new title, The Witness, will be offered on the PlayStation 4 during its launch window, bringing an open-world experience that emphasizes organic puzzle solving and an interesting story.

Media Molecule is focusing on the PlayStation Move in order to allow gamers to record their dreams and express themselves in creative ways on the PlayStation 4.

Alex Evans, one of the leaders of the company, says that players will be able to share content and collaborate on creating anything they want.

David Cage, the CEO of Quantic Dream, is more interested in emotion, with a new engine designed with the PlayStation 4 in mind, which will deliver the same quality for characters as computer-made movies.

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