PlayStation 4 Beta Websites Are Fake, Warns Sony

All official information will come directly from the company

Video game hardware maker Sony warns that all the websites that are currently offering beta testing spots for the PlayStation 4 are fake and are only trying to get personal information from gamers, presumably to use them for nefarious purposes.

The official PlayStation Twitter account states, "Just a reminder: Any sites asking you to enter details to sign up for PS4 Beta testing are scams. #PS4 #Beta via @Envisager."

The new home console is currently in the hands of a select group of video game developers who are already creating titles for it.

The PlayStation 4 was revealed in late February and the device is expected to launch before the crucial Christmas shopping period, with more details delivered during E3 2013.

At the moment, gamers don't know the price or the exact design of the PS4.

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