PlayStation 4 Announcement Takes Place on February 20, Gets Teaser Video

Sony has begun hyping up its big presentation this month

Sony has just posted an enigmatic teaser video for a massive presentation it's going to hold on February 20, which almost certainly is going to feature of the actual confirmation of the next-generation PlayStation 4.

Next-generation consoles are expected to arrive, or at least be confirmed, this year by both Sony and Microsoft.

While Microsoft already began teasing a special announcement it's going to make at E3 2013, Sony has now one-upped its competitor and confirmed that a special presentation will take place on February 20.

The announcement was coupled with an enigmatic teaser video that focuses on the four iconic PlayStation symbols: Triangle, Square, Circle, and X.

While the announcement could be a wide range of things, it's almost certain to be the official reveal of the PlayStation 4 console.

No other details are known, but you can expect some leaks to happen until February 20.

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