PlayStation 3 Legacy Includes GT5 and inFamous 2 for 300 Dollars (230 Euro)

Gamers also get the required controller and extra DLC

Sony announces that it will launch a new PlayStation 3 based bundle called Legacy, which is set to include the PlayStation 3 Super Slim version of the device alongside Gran Turismo 5 and inFamous 2 for the price of 300 dollars (230 Euro).

The console included in Legacy has a 500 GB hard drive and gamers also get access to a Dual Shock 3 controller and all the required accessories.

Grand Turismo 5 also comes complete with codes that will give players access to all the downloadable content launched for the racing title so far.

Gamers also receive one month of free access to PlayStation Plus, including all the free titles delivered via the service.

At the moment, the PlayStation 3 Legacy Bundle is only offered in the United States.

The PS4 is expected to launch before the end of the year.

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