PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.45 Bricks Consoles, Sony Takes It Down

Many PS3 owners are complaining of broken devices after installing the update

Sony released a few hours ago a brand new firmware update for its PlayStation 3, which takes the software up to version 4.45, but it seems that it caused more harm than good.

Many PS3 owners are reporting that their consoles can no longer start, as they're basically bricked.

PS3 users were treated with a fresh firmware update earlier today, in the form of 4.45, which promised to bring new features, like the option to turn off Trophy notifications.

Sadly, as soon as it was rolled out onto the PlayStation Network online service, PS3 owners started complaining that the new firmware basically bricked their consoles.

Many consoles have been bricked by the software update, according to a big thread on the PS forums, and Sony has just taken it down from the PSN.

As of right now, the latest firmware is 4.41, and Sony has yet to offer a statement concerning the bricked consoles.

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