PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.40 Will Allow Owners to Send Downloads from Online Store to Console

The feature won't be turned on until May, however, due to Sony's ongoing work

The recently launched PlayStation 3 firmware 4.40 introduces support for pushing downloads to the console from the online store, but this feature won't be turned on until May, as Sony still wants to tinker with the mechanic.

Sony released rather stealthily a brand new software update for the PlayStation 3 last week, taking its firmware up to version 4.40.

At that time, the only details offered by Sony mentioned that the new software improved system stability and brought support for an NFC card reader sold in Japan.

Now, Sony has apparently confirmed, via CVG, that the new firmware also includes support for users to push downloads from the online store to their console.

This feature has been demanded by fans ever since the PlayStation Store was made available to online browsers, as players wanted to simply buy the content using a browser on a PC, for example, and then push the download to their console without having to turn it on, sign into the PSN, explore the PS Store, and then download the content.

The new mechanic isn't available right now, however, as Sony wants to continue tweaking it before unlocking it in May.

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