PlayStation 2 Production Ceases Globally, Sony Confirms

Sony will now focus on the PlayStation 3 and on the upcoming PlayStation 4

Sony has confirmed that the production of the PlayStation 2 has ceased globally, which means that once current stocks of the old console are sold out, replacements won't be put on store shelves.

The PlayStation 2 made gaming history as it came out in 2000 and impressed millions upon millions of gamers worldwide, managing to sell over 150 million units globally until the end of 2012.

Now, after hearing that the PS2 is no longer being produced in Japan, Sony has told The Guardian that the entire production process for the PlayStation 2 has been ceased.

No concrete motivation was given, but it's pretty clear that Sony wants to focus on the existing PlayStation 3 home console, which has just received a redesign, and on the upcoming PlayStation 4 next-generation device, which is rumored to be revealed this year.

As of yet, however, Sony hasn't released a statement on the end of the PlayStation 2 nor on its future plans for the PlayStation brand.

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