Platform Puzzler Nightsky Is 75% Off on Steam

The game was a finalist for the Seamus McNally award

Nightsky, a mix of platforming and puzzle gameplay, is now available for 75 percent off on digital distribution Steam, which means that players can get it for 2.49 dollars or Euro for the coming 24-hour period.

The official description for Nightsky reads: “The player must maneuver a sphere by using realistic physics to advance; each of these worlds is broken into different areas. The original soundtrack by experimental jazz musician, Chris Schlarb will further heighten the surreal experience.”

There are 11 levels to explore in the game and each of them uses a number of special ideas, with additional secrets and unlockables available for dedicated players.

The game was selected as a nominee for the Seamus McNally award that’s given out each year by the Independent Game Festival as recognition for the best indie titles.

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