Planetside 2 Will Offer Free Choice of Game Servers

Says that groups of players will be able to stay together

The upcoming Planetside 2 MMO will lack any sort of region locking and will allow all gamers to simply choose the server that they want to play on, allowing for groups to stick together without any clear barriers.

John Smedley, who is the leader of Sony Online Entertainment, stated via Twitter that, “We’ve come up with a plan to allow ALL players to play on any servers they want. More details to follow.”

The message is likely a reply to the fact that recently SOE announced that it was entering deals with both ProSieben and Alapaya, which would see the companies administer regional MMO servers.

Planeside 2 will use traditional MMO mechanics but will draw heavily on the first-person shooter genre, allowing for players skill to play a major role in any engagement.

The game is expected later during the year on the PC, after an extensive closed beta stage.

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