Planetside 2 Trailer Shows Real Gamers Fighting in the MMO

Gamers can take their own videos and then send them to Sony

Sony Online Entertainment, the developer of the Planetside 2 MMO, introduces a new marketing campaign for their upcoming video game, designed to show off how real-world gamers are using the mechanics in order to play the title.

The new SOE-made MMO is free-to-play and uses core first-person shooter mechanics, which rely exclusively on the skill of the player, with real-world money used just to purchase cosmetic customization options.

Those who have shot interesting in-game footage featuring their own group of players and their own exploits can send it to for a chance to get their own trailer.

Planetside 2 will be launched exclusively on the PC on November 20, after quite a lengthy beta stage.

When the MMO is out, gamers will also get access to more content, including a whole new third continent.

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