Planetside 2 Receives New Weapons, Anti-Tank Options

Gamers will find all of them to be balanced for the MMO

John Smedley, the boss of Sony Online Entertainment, is promising players that more weapons will be added to the Planetside 2 MMO today, with gamers able to use a new sniper weapon and new carbines on the battlefield.

The message from the official Twitter of the executive reads: “Thursday we have new weapons. New sniper and carbines. Next week anti vehicle.”

Apparently, more anti-air options will also be added to Planetside 2.

Smedley also says that the development team has made sure that all the weapons added to the MMO have been carefully balanced.

Planetside 2 is based on a free-to-play business model and that means SOE needs to introduce new weapons and new options via microtransactions in order to get more revenue from the game.

The entire experience is built around faction play and close cooperation between the players.

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