Planetside 2 Receives Massive Patch, Camping Is Less Profitable

There's also a full list of balance changes and bug fixes

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment updates its Planetside 2 MMO via a new patch, with the stated aim of reducing the effectiveness of the camping tactics that many gamers have been using.

Those who kill a player less than ten seconds after he has spawned or before he has earned 5 XP will only get 25 percent of the experience that he would otherwise be entitled to.

The full patch notes for the Planetside 2 update are extensive and deal with a number of other game mechanics.

The development team at SOE has promised that it will continue to deliver updates for Planetside 2, balancing the game experience and eliminating the anti-competitive behavior that players might develop.

The team also wants to make sure that the MMO playing field is level by banning cheaters.

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