Planetside 2 January Patch Detailed, XP Model Sees Big Changes

There are also more bug fixes and new weapons for each faction

Sony Online Entertainment says that the January patch for Planetside 2 will include a number of bug fixes and enhancements designed to increase the experience haul of players.

The full patch notes are offered via Planetside Universe and detail exactly how the XP model is changed in order to make sure that more players can evolve quicker and see more of what their characters have to offer.

In late January, each faction will also get new weapons and more customization options.

Matt Higby, the creative director at Sony Online Entertainment, adds, “Hopefully you will see from this update (and the feature plan for the next 6 months, when that is revealed) that we're taking your feedback and concerns for the game very seriously. We're here, we're listening and we're committed to continue to work with our community to build the best online game the world has ever seen.”

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