Planetside 2 Gets Six-Month Roadmap, New Planet Planned

Gamers will get access to Hossin during April, resource change in May

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment has updated its six-month roadmap for the Planetside 2 shooter MMO, giving players an idea on how the experience will evolve during the first months of 2013.

Here are the most important milestones:

January – Rendering distance based on threat; More secure spawn rooms at smaller outposts; SMGs

February – Loudout screen revamp; Orbital strike

March – Player-generated missions; Color blind support; Class revamp: light assault

April – New continent: Hossin

May – Resource revamp

June – Outfit base capture; Outfit tournaments

SOE also wants to keep delivering updates in order to keep Planetside 2 as bug free as possible and the team will also continue to battle cheaters and issue bans.

Since the MMO was launched, John Smedley, the leader of the studio, has stated that his team has the future of the game already laid out and only needs to implement it.

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