Planetside 2 Gets Server Mergers Designed to Balance MMO Population

Players will get an enhanced game experience after the transfer

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment says that it is planning to introduce a number of server mergers for Planetside 2, designed to allow the developers to better balance the MMO experience for all those involved.

Via Twitter, John Smedley, the leader of SOE, states, “Server merges soon. Info coming by Monday. No server transfers coming till after that's done. Wouldn't be right doing it other way around.”

He denied that the move was linked to a drop in player numbers, adding, “Too many people went to some servers and not as many went to others. Simple as that.”

Planetside 2 is a free-to-play MMO, which means that gamers can enjoy it without paying a monthly subscription, and the developers need to make sure that the experience is balanced by ensuring constant population on all servers.

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