Planetside 2 Cert and Skill Gains Rates Changed Ahead of Launch

The changes are designed to improve the balance of the MMO

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment changes the cert gain rates and skill costs for their upcoming Planetside 2 in order to offer a more balanced game experience and make sure that those who play the game for free and those who are willing to pay a monthly subscription have a level playing field.

Certification points will be gained at double the rate seen during the beta stage of Planetside 2 but costs for abilities and their attachments have been doubled in order to compensate.

More details on the changes are available on the official site of the game, where the developers explain why they made the changes and give more information on how they will affect the MMO.

Planetside 2 is a first person shooter MMO that will be offered exclusively on the PC on November 20.

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