Planetside 2 Briggs Server Issues Are Solved

The unique laws of Australia made it hard for SOE to tackle all issues

Video game developer Sony Online Entertainment says that it has resolved all the problems that were affecting the Briggs server of the recently launched Planetside 2, which is the home for all Australian players engaged with the MMO.

Veratu, a developer working on Planetside 2, offers a long explanation for the problems that affected Briggs and how SPOE worked to solve them.

The official explanation states: “Let me re-state that every region that PlanetSide 2 runs in is configured, designed, and built the same from a hardware and infrastructure perspective. There is no one region that has a 'better' setup than another. The only thing that differentiates them is physical locations in the world.”

Apparently, the laws in Australia also make it harder for SOE to deal with issues like download caps and download amounts.

Some Planetside 2 gamers are still reporting problems and the development team encourages them to log new support tickets.

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