Planetside 2 Bans Target Paying Players Who Use Aimbots

The team wants to keep the game as fair as possible

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment is continuing its war against aimbots and is not even afraid to issue bans to those players who have already paid money in the official Planetside 2 store.

John Smedley, the chief executive officer of the company, states via Twitter that bans have been issued to a number of player, “Including two guys with 300 hours of playtime. One guy who spent $230.”

He adds, “Bunch of aimbots crashing like crazy now.”

Planetside 2 is a free-to-play MMO that has shooter mechanics and encourages players to use teamwork in order to defeat their enemies.

SOE has repeatedly said that it wants to eliminate all hackers and cheaters from the servers and that it is prioritizing those players who are using aimbots.

Smedley has also warned that paying for game content does not grant gamers more freedom to affect the overall Planetside 2 community negatively.

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