Peter Moore Praises Mirror’s Edge Innovation, No Talk of Sequel

The game might be revived for next-generation consoles

Peter Moore, the chief operation officer at Electronic Arts, once again praises Mirror’s Edge, but refuses to say whether the publisher is interested in creating a sequel for the free running title.

The executive tells Wired that, “We’re accused of being too safe, but then I’ll point to Mirror’s Edge – not a commercial success in the broad terms that we look at it, but certainly as an innovation, was brilliant.”

“The art style, the character herself, the idea of taking this kind of parkour thing but a backstory of authoritarianism in cities, it was brilliant. Again, and you take risks – we don’t get credit a lot for the risks we take,” he adds.

Mirror’s Edge was a game that focused on quick movement across a futuristic city landscape and featured little gunplay.

A community of hardcore fans has developed for the game and has been asking for a sequel, which Electronic Arts suggests it is working on but has not yet officially announced.

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