Peter Moore Believes Only Top 25 Games Can Exist

The rest of the ecosystem suffers from lack of resources

Peter Moore, the chief operation officer at publisher Electronic Arts, says that the video game industry is in danger because of the unchecked growth of budgets for the biggest hits, which tends to suck resources required for other titles.

The executive tells Wired that, “The higher-end games that land, land well. Everything else just falls off the cliff.”

He adds, “If you think about the industry today, I don’t know what they exact numbers are, but the top 20 games globally probably deliver 80 percent of the revenue. Anything that doesn’t hit that top 20 or 25 finds it very difficult to justify itself, its existence, and you kind of wonder why you did it.”

Moore reiterated the idea that it is harder to introduce new intellectual property as a console generation nears the end of its life cycle, but he also suggested that after Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft introduced their new devices, more innovation might appear.

The Wii U from Nintendo will be launched starting with November 18 in North America.

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