Peter Molyneux Has Another Project Ready to Go After Godus

The developer says that the idea is an even more ambitious one

Peter Molyneux, the leader of 22Cans, says that his team has an entirely new video game project prepared to be officially revealed after the end of the Kickstarter drive for Project Godus.

He tells Kotaku that, “Immediately after we’ve done our Kickstarter, we’ve got another thing that we’re thinking about, though I’m really not even going to so much as suggest anything about it.”

The developer also says that he learned a lot from using Kickstarter to talk to gamers, adding, “you’ve got to be really fast, you’ve got to be really exciting, you’ve got to be really brave. That’s the world we live in now, which is a fantastic world to be in.”

Project Godus has reached its funding goal, with close to 15,000 backing it at the moment.

The game will update the classic mechanics of Populous and will launch in 2014.

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