Payday 2 Update #2 Released for PC via Steam, Gets Pulled Due to Serious Glitches

The patch will be launched once more after the problems are fixed

A few hours ago, Overkill Software deployed Update #2 for Payday 2 on the PC platform via the Steam digital distribution service, but the studio has now pulled the patch because it was causing lots of errors and glitches.

Payday 2 came out earlier this week and, since then, developer Overkill has been constantly talking with fans on the PC platform in order to quickly solve any key issues, like random crashes.

After releasing a small update right after launch, a brand new patch was pushed a few hours ago, designed to solve a variety of key issues.

Sadly, it ended up causing more harm than good, as players encountered new issues or problems with their stats.

As such, the studio has confirmed on the game's Steam forums that the update has just been pulled from Steam.

The patch will be rolled out once more after the bugs are fixed, so expect to hear more about it soon enough.

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