PayDay 2 Profitable Ahead of Launch Based on Pre-Orders

The team can focus on its own unique future game universe

PayDay 2 might not even be launched but all the money invested in its development has already been recuperated, according to developer Starbreeze Studios, based only on the amount of pre-orders that gamers have placed.

Gamereactor quotes Bo Andersson-Klint, one of the leaders of the team creating the game, saying that, “Not only have we managed to deliver a desirable product in Payday 2 but also executed a promotion that few companies of our size can. We now look forward to the royalty income that can secure the company’s development of its own IP in the future.”

PayDay 2 is a cooperative game that will ask players to work together in order to perform certain heists before turning on each other when the loot is divided.

There are 30 missions to complete and the game improves on the core mechanics of the origins, with better gameplay and stealth.

PayDay 2 will be out on August 13 on Steam and will also arrive on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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