Patch 1.8 for Heroes VI Now Out on Steam

It brings a long list of balancing fixes and addresses lots of bugs

Ubisoft's Might and Magic: Heroes VI has just received a new patch that contains a long list of campaign/scenarios and balancing fixes, which are meant to make the game a bit easier for first time players.

Several achievement issues have been addressed as well, along with some bugs found in the Dynasty weapons, traits and pets.

The list of changes for patch 1.8 for Might and Magic: Heroes VI is huge, but it's perfectly tuned for easy reading.

The changes are split in different categories, such as campaign/scenarios, dynasty weapons/traits/pets, achievements, abilities/creatures abilities, miscellaneous and more.

There's also a massive list of balancing fixes and a small list of community bugs that have been addressed in this patch. For the full list of changes added by patch 1.8, check out the official announcement here.

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