Patch 1.1 for Deadlight Now Live on Steam

The update fixes the audio issues in the cutscenes

One of the most interesting indie platformers for PC, Deadlight has just received its second patch since its launch in October.

Spanish indie studio Tequila Works has finally fixed all problems related to the audio in the cutscenes. These issues kind of took away some of the game's flavor, so it's a great thing developers solved it.

Apparently, the game had another issue in the “Nightmare” mode. The issue is described by developers as follows: “previously if Randall died after rescue Stella the game starts at the beginning of the Act 1. Now the game should continue at the beginning of Act 3 as expected.”

Deadlight for PC is now part of Steam Autumn sale and is available for purchase for only €9. Check it out here. If you're still not convinced this game it really worth it, then check out our review here.

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