Paradox Unveils New Crusader Kings II Content via Fractured Image

The game might get Pagan, Viking or Lovecraft based DLC

The development team at Paradox Interactive working on Crusader Kings II might have launched The Republic, but they are already teasing more content for the grand strategy title using parts of a mysterious new image.

The first teaser can be seen on the official forums in this extensive thread that also houses much of the speculation about what might be added to the already extensive list of features for Crusader Kings II.

Most players are asking for the studio to deliver a Pagan-themed package that allows followers of the Old Gods to dominate Europe once again.

The second most popular theory talks about an expansion focused on the Vikings and their raids against the mainland, but that would require an entirely new start date for the game.

Some are also speculating that Paradox might integrate the Game of Thrones mod.

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