PSY's Gangnam Style DLC Out Now for Dance Central 3

Get the extremely popular track for the Kinect-powered dancing simulator

After hitting Just Dance 4, PSY's phenomenal Gangnam Style track is now available as downloadable content for Dance Central 3.

Gangnam Style is nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon, as South Korean pop star PSY is now a household name around the globe.

Given the song's popularity and its iconic dance moves, it was only a matter of time before dancing game developers like Ubisoft or Harmonix would add the track to the repertoire of their latest titles.

After hitting Just Dance 4 earlier this month, Gangnam Style is now available as DLC for Dance Central 3, the latest installment in Harmonix's extremely popular dancing simulator series.

The track costs 240 MS Points and can be purchased either from the game or via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

You can check it out in action in the special video above.

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