PSN Maintenance Will Now End at 2am PT/5am ET/10am GMT, Sony Says

The offline period that started on January 17, progressed through January 18, ends soon

Sony has just given a new estimate about the ongoing PlayStation Network maintenance period, confirming that, after taking the online service down on January 17, it's now expecting to have it back up during the night, at 2am PT/5am ET/10am GMT on January 19.

The PSN is essential for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP owners to access online services like the PS Store and even use different applications like Netflix or Hulu Plus, not to mention play online multiplayer for certain games.

Sadly, Sony had to take down the online service earlier this week, on January 17, and was set to have it back in around 12 hours.

That didn't happen as the service continues to be offline, prompting the ire of PS3, PSP, or PS Vita owners.

Now, Sony has posted a new update on its website, confirming that it's now expecting the maintenance to end on January 19, at 2am PT/5am ET/10am GMT.

Bear in mind that this is certain so the offline period might continue throughout the weekend.

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