PS4 Firmware Update 1.75 Coming Soon, Brings 3D Blu-ray Support Update

The brand new system software is set to debut soon

Sony has confirmed that it's going to roll out yet another firmware update for the PS4 console, taking its system software version to 1.75 and finally adding support for 3D Blu-ray movies.

The PS4 has been around for quite a few months, and while Sony has pledged to listen to feedback from its customers, it hasn't exactly offered the best solutions to their please.

The firmware updates in particular are quite slow in their release cycle and most of them only involve improving the stability of the PS4 operating system or of its games.

The latest firmware, version 1.74, appeared earlier this week and once again had the same ambiguous description.

Now, Sony has confirmed that it's going to roll out another system software update, in the form of firmware 1.75, which brings something else besides stability.

According to the PlayStation Europe Twitter account, update 1.75 has support for 3D Blu-ray film playback, meaning owners of such movies can finally watch them using the PS4 and not the old PS3 or other standalone Blu-ray players.

Unfortunately, a release date for the new firmware hasn’t been offered, so it's unclear when it might appear on the PlayStation Network.

It could release this week or the next one, but no other details are known.

Update: The North American PlayStation Twitter account confirms that the new update is out next week.

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