PS Vita Wake-Up Club Application Now Available on PS Store

Have some fun while waking up with the PS Vita and unlock trophies

Sony has just released the Wake-Up Club application for the PlayStation Vita on the PlaStation Store, allowing owners of the new console to have some fun while waking up and to use the Vita as their own alarm clock.

The PS Vita hasn't been as successful as Sony had hoped for, but the company is definitely trying to promote it in unusual ways.

One such attempt is the new Wake-Up Club application, which is now available on the PlayStation Store.

While at first it acts just as an alarm clock, the Wake-Up Club has many more features and matches owners up with 12 other PS Vita users from around the world who've set their alarm clocks at the same time.

Once the alarm goes off, your avatar will begin bouncing around the PS Vita touchscreen and you can tap it to let others know you're awake. If some of the other 12 haven't woken up, you can cheer them on by tapping their own avatars.

Plenty of other features are baked into the application, according to the PS blog, including trophies for your PSN account, so you have more than enough reasons to try it out.

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