Torchlight 2 Gets Major Patch, Owl and Badger Pets Added

Gamers also get new languages and a number of bug fixes

The development team at Runic Games introduces two new pets to their action role-playing hybrid Torchlight 2 via a new patch, allowing players to choose between the new Owl and the Badger as possible companions.

The full patch notes, which are rather extensive, can be found on the official website.

The highlights, aside from the new pets, include support for both Russian and Polish, with the new languages having the potential to increase the fan base for the game.

Runic Games also fixes a number of problems with Torchlight 2, including some game-crashing bugs, and there are changes made to the way the spell system works and to the various skills for character classes.

Torchlight 2 was launched earlier during the year and was praised for its imaginative gameplay and dungeons design.

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