Origin Has Almost 40 Million Registered Users, EA Says

The service is quite popular on the PC and iOS platforms

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Origin digital distribution platform has almost 40 million registered users.

EA has invested a lot of money and effort into creating its Origin digital distribution service back in 2011, as it wanted to give other such platforms, like Valve's Steam, some much-needed competition.

While at first it was quite hard to win over gamers, the service has quickly gained in popularity thanks to exclusive titles like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, or Dead Space 3.

Now, after confirming last year that it has over 30 million registered users, EA has revealed, via CVG, that its service is close to reaching 40 million users.

EA didn't say just how many people were using the PC and how many were using the iOS platforms but, considering Origin has just been released onto Mac, the number of users will grow exponentially.

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